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More About New Haven, and Rock Houses July 12, 2009

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So!  I’ve lived at the new apartment complex for about two or three months.  I’ve been having so much fun!

I just realized I’ll pretty much have to start from the beginning since I haven’t posted in a loooooooonng time.  I love my new school so much – it’s challenging, my teacher was really nice to me and “treats us like people and doesn’t take any crap” as my father said when I told him about Mr. Miller.

All my new friends that live at the complex are lovely.  There’s – in order of age, youngest to oldest – Andre, Jeong Wang (jong wong, and I’m sure I’m spelling the name wrong), Yash (yush), Hong Mai (hung may), Maya, Sara, George and Jake (twins), Yoga Sai (yoga sigh), Emily, Laksmi, Eric, Lulu (a boy, and I find it hilarious that his last name is Lee), and the other Emily who’s two years older than me.  They’re all awesome, though Maya and Sara are a little whiny, George and Jake like to test if people can tell the difference, Yoga Sai’s a tattletale, the second Emily is a little bit of a bully, and most of them are on vacation.  I have lots of friends and spend most of my time outside.

But the real reason I wanted to make a post was because there’s this thing most of the girls do, where they craft a little house by hand out of a shoebox or something, and they end up being pretty elaborate.

They’re called rock houses!  They’re little houses made for rocks that we draw faces on and name.  Mine is Carlie Cobblestone.  I really just like actually making the houses and the stuff inside.  So here’s where I go crazy: I was tired of just stapling together thumb-sized magazines for the little bookshelf you see in the above picture.  So I actually sewed together a book made of thin cardboard and plain printer paper.

See where I’m a bit of a maniac when I get into these things?  I stayed up ’til midnight last night making furniture and things for my rock house.  But that book is smaller than a nickel!  I cut the pages individually from a piece of printer paper and made the cover out of thin coardboard by actually sewing the whole thing by hand.  Have you ever shoved a needle through a pile of paper and two pieces of cardboard?  My thumbs are raw.  I’m really proud.  It was so fun, and I did this with no help whatsoever.

I might be posting more often now.  Let me know – is my life interesting at all?



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