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:Sigh: … November 3, 2008

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Okay, I admit my mom is a health nut and has drilled that into my head, but…    Advertising corn syrup. Have you seen the commercials?  If not, go to the website and look.  It’s flippin’ unbelievable.  It shows things like Hawaiian punch and Popsicles, someone tries to serve someone else, they go, “You don’t care about the kids do you?  That has high fructose corn syrup.  You know what they say about it.”  “what?”  “Well… um… umm……”  “It’s got the same calories as sugar and it’s made of corn.”

Anybody who makes a big deal about it just doesn’t want it in their bread.  “Fruity water.” (Dasani, that lemon, strawberry, rasberry stuff.  Blech.)

But AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGHH!  So annoying, those commercials.


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